Funeral Celebrant Services in Southend on Sea, London or anywhere

First and foremost, if you are seeking a Funeral Celebrant in Southend. I am going to make the unfortunate assumption that you have recently lost someone close to you, and therefore would like to offer my sincere condolences to you and your family.

Funerals – End of Life Celebrations

Celebrating the life of a loved one we can’t bear to say goodbye to is one of life’s tragedies. And yet we have to face up to the certainty that this will happen to each and everyone of us.  As the relationship of the person we love changes from living to memory, we keep them in our hearts and cherish every moment we shared.  Our final farewell is one of the many important steps we take to adjust to this new circumstance and as your Celebrant I will give every attention, and take every care, creating your personal and bespoke ceremony for your loved one to help you tread this path. The funeral service, in particular, will be a major priority, and I would be honoured to help you with this if you would let me.

How Can I Help?

Priding myself on my listening skills, your stories, tales and wishes would be taken on board in order to create a unique and beautiful service which reflects and captures your dearly departed’s beliefs, values and spirit in a way he or she wished to be remembered. With over 20 years of helping families at this very difficult time

The service can be anything you want; if you want a religious tone then that is no problem. Or maybe you would prefer something more spiritual or interfaith- again, this is no problem either.

My aim is to help you and your family create a service you feel is a befitting tribute to your loved one, and one he or she would have wished for.

If this is the kind of funeral celebrant service you are seeking, then please feel free to contact me, Clive, via text or email or call and I will look forward to hearing your stories.

Please be kind to your self


  • I have experience at funerals without meeting if needed 

  • I Can help organise a unique, and befitting service which reflects your dearly departed’s beliefs, spirit and values.

  • I Can act as a voice for you and your family to share your stories through.

  • I Can be a great listener, and offers understanding and support throughout this difficult time.

  • I Can perform both semi-religious and non-religious services.

  • Someone who can bring calm and clarity when most needed.

You have access to a service called Grief Chat, which is a free support service that lets you chat directly to a specialist bereavement counselor.


My fee for a funeral ceremony is £199. I do not charge for baby and child funerals. 
Mileage will be charged for travel over 30 miles.
Costs for memorials, ashes ceremonies, living memorials and other ceremonies may vary. 

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I want to work with you!

I respect and want to work with people of all races, orientations, genders, ages, sizes, identities, lifestyles, cultures, differences and disabilities (whether visible or invisible). I will always try my hardest to be kind, considerate and inclusive.

Special Moments Celebrant

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