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1) Burial or Cremation?

If you go for a traditional burial then you would have to make arrangements respectively for a coffin, place of the burial (cemetery or any other suitable place), etc. Similarly, the clothes, the headstone, the engravings, they all have to be taken care of.

However, cremation is getting popular these days. It is light on the pocket and requires no such preliminary arrangement except the cremation room of course.

2) Who Should Lead the Service?

It’s better to get a Funeral Director or Celebrant to help you out in this. But if you want to do it all yourself, you are free to do so.

They can lead and assist you in making all the necessary arrangements.

3) The Day and Time

The family’s attendance is very important at the funeral so it has to be coordinated.

Also, be mindful that the venue you choose is available for your slot before you fix the date. If the slot is too short for your service, try getting one that suits and fits your service timeline.

If family members are flying in from other places, it’s better to give them consideration.

In this case, choosing a day time, weekend funeral service can be a good decision.

4) A Religious or Non-religious Ceremony?

If your loved one had strong religious beliefs, it is better that you arrange a funeral with religious elements prioritized. This will help the family and the attendees get a closer insight into your loved one’s beliefs as to honor them.

But in case the religious element is not majorly important, you can always hold a non-religious ceremony. These non-religious funerals are then done by Celebrants. `Many Celebrants can offer a mixture of religious and non-religious services making it more bespoke for your loved one.

They will reflect upon the life of the one who has passed away and will fittingly talk about their character.

5) Transportation

Prior to the funeral day, the Funeral director will discuss what you need, it is important to take care of all the arrangements regarding the transport of your deceased loved one and family to the funeral venue.

For the deaceased, you can arrange a separate carriage or go for the traditional hearse. In case you want to use your own car here; you need to get a permit from the registrar’s office first.

6) Post Funeral Arrangements

This includes a post-event gathering or a family unison after all the services are done.

It is not necessary but it can be a good excuse for the family and firends to spend time together, discuss, mourn, and comfort each other after the tragic loss.

7) Music or No music?

If your loved one was fond of a particular kind of music or they practiced any, it is a good idea to have that music or song played at the ceremony in their remembrance.

8) Donations or Flowers?

Flower arrangements at the venue and for the guests can be a great way to honour your loved one’s life. You can hire a florist to assist you here.

Contrarily, you can look for charitable organizations that were close to the deceased and donate to them in the memory.

9) Order Of Services

This is an option, to have or not a service book, It contains memorable photographs, the order of the funeral service, hymns, and readings dedicated to your loved one.

It can be a great tribute and a rather heartfelt gesture if you decide to produce it yourself. Your Celebrant and funeral director can help with the whole process or final aspect

10) Eulogies And Tributes

These are the most emotional moments in a funeral service. But who will do it? You can have family and friends come up and read the eulogy, talk about their memories, and share their experiences with the deceased one, or your Celebrant can help write and deliver your personal tribute.

People can read passages, tributes, poems or maybe just share their emotions with everyone present as well.

Conclusively, this is just a general guide for your assistance in arranging a funeral for your loved one. You can always add or subtract some of these steps according to your circumstances . Since it will be your decision throughout, make sure that you make the right, comfortable choices while honouring the deceased. If I can help you as your Celebrant in anyway please do not hesitate to contact me? clive@specialmomentscelebrant.co.uk . https://www.specialmomentscelebrant.co.uk of Call M  07838 921491

Take care of yourselves

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