A Naming Ceremony?

Ever Wondered What Happens During A Naming Ceremony?

Read this Blog To Find Out. Naming ceremonies are events that celebrate life and family. Your Celebrant will produce a ceremony that is written for you in a personal and meaningful style.

Your ceremony will include your child's official naming, declarations of commitments, and promises from parents and other close family members.

Naming ceremonies can also include your chosen music and readings. Your readings can be recited by a member of your family or someone else from the congregation. Your choice of music can be included as part of the celebration; it can be sung by the congregation or played at specific points throughout your ceremony.

Choosing readings and music that have special meanings to you and your family is very important. To help with this, we can provide you with some inspiration for your choice of readings here.

Naming ceremonies also allow parents to share their hopes and dreams for their child's future, with friends and family in attendance.

You can also include a section to signify your child's name during the ceremony. This section could be a reading by the celebrant to name the child formally, or perhaps a song or piece of music as a celebration of them being named. It is very much your choice as to how you would like this section or whether you would like to have it

Guide-parents can also be included in the ceremony if you wish. You may choose to have them read their commitments to your child, and how they will support the infant.

Personalization can be catered for, too. You might want specific pieces of poetry, or unique symbolic events, such as tree-planting or candle-lighting.

On completion of the ceremony, it is usual for the family to host a celebration. This celebration can be done at the same location if you wish.

If i can help you with your arange a Naming Cermoney , please contact me via facebook

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