Celebrant Over A Registrar?

Planning a wedding is a whole new experience for couples, especially for those who are getting married for the first time. From decorations to cake tastings and terms like "wedding colour palette" you soon find yourself wondering whether it is all worth it. You'll get slammed with so many rules and etiquettes that must not be broken that you discover you'll almost have no control over your wedding. Sounds awful, doesn't it? That's where a celebrant led wedding comes in.

· Why You Need A Celebrant?

A celebrant led wedding ceremony gives you so much flexibility and freedom. You can hold your ceremony at any venue and at any time. From stunning private estates to other beautiful outdoor locations, both licensed and unlicensed, with a celebrant you can have your wedding wherever you want. Here are a few other reasons why a celebrant is the best option for your wedding.

· Personalisation

One of the things that a celebrant does is get to know you throughout your wedding planning. They'll most likely become a meaningful connection for the rest of your life as a result of that. They'll also be able to personalise your ceremony to suit your style. This will mean that your ceremony is unique and truly reflects you as a couple. Do you want a light-hearted and humorous ceremony? Your Celebrant can make your ceremony to be just that. If you're more of t

· There Are No Legal Limitations

A lot of rules bound local Registrars here in the UK. Based on their legal format, there are limitations to the content of the ceremonies that they handle. They are also limited by set times, set locations and what they can say. A personal relationship with your Registrar might not also be possible. A celebrant does not have such limitations.

· Affordability

Many factors could make your Celebrant led wedding more affordable. One of them is your ceremony venue. With a celebrant, you are not restricted to finding a pure wedding venue which probably has a high price because of demand. You can hold your wedding at your favourite restaurant, farm, beach or wherever you fancy and can afford. Do you have a location that means so much to you as a couple? With a celebrant, you can hold your wedding ceremony there.

· Dress Code

Most times the dress code of a wedding is decided upon by the couple. However, there could still be restrictions based on the venue. Traditional venues often add one or two of their preferences to the list. With a celebrant, you do not have to worry about that. Celebrants often work with unique couples and are very open-minded. If you decide you want everyone to come dressed as your favourite characters from a particular TV show, they won't bat an eyelid.

· Faiths and Rituals

With a Celebrant led ceremony, you can bring a spiritual element to your wedding that you may not have been able to at a traditional venue. Celebrants are also not affiliated to any faith, so if you and your partner are from different ones, you can even combine aspects of it at your ceremony. You can include a host of traditions like the sand ceremony, the handfasting and more. You can also have a ceremony that is completely devoid of any spirituality if you so wish.

More Than Just Weddings

As a celebrant, I handle more than just weddings. I can be at the renewal of your vows; the welcoming of your new child and I handle funerals too. If it's an event, I can be there to help personalise it, and make it special for those involved. Whether you want something modern or want to stick to the old ways, I have experience in both. Together we could create an event that you will always remember. Are you searching for a Celebrant for your special event here in the UK? Then look no further. I am an established, fun loving and creative celebrant who could add a special touch to your event. Why not give me a call on 07838921491 or send me an email at clive@specialmomentscelebrant.co.uk? I'd love to hear from you.

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