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Newly Engaged Amidst A Pandemic!

If you’re a newly engaged couple in Essex or London and beyond , then congratulations! We may be in a pandemic, but your happiness and excitement matter too. I love that your spirits are high and think that you should celebrate this.

You’re going to want to get started on your wedding planning soon enough. That is understandable, because who knows tomorrow? If there’s one thing this pandemic has collectively taught everyone, it’s that we need to seize the moment.

So, as a newly engaged couple in Essex, where do you get started with your planning? As a wedding Celebrant handling events in Essex and London, couples often ask this question. It is an important question because planning is a vital part of your celebration. Also, for most people, this would be the biggest party they’d have ever planned yet.

Choosing where to get started is quite easy. For this post, I’m assuming you’ve told your loved ones the good news, posted pictures of your ring and enjoyed some engagement buzz for a few days. These are the next wedding planning steps you should take.

· Search, Scroll, and Click

We are way beyond the days of the glossy wedding magazine. You may still enjoy flicking through pages now and then, but for your wedding, scrolling online will be the key. You can start by searching for some terms like wedding venues in Essex or even open a Pinterest board. There, you can save as many inspirations as you get for your dream wedding.

You can also join wedding planning websites like Hitched or Bridebook. They have countless resources and inspirations to make your search easier. They could also come in handy if you want to find a particular vendor that you need. I also have some really great wedding resources here at my blog that you can read through.

· Use Your Social Media

Instagram and Twitter have made it very easy to find information. For example, you could find your favourite Essex London wedding venue just by searching via hashtag. Facebook and LinkedIn are also platforms that you can use.

That means even with the UK on lockdown, you can search for your wedding venue and other important wedding details from the comfort of your home. Some wedding venues even offer you a 360-degree virtual tour. You get to see the total view of the venue from the comfort of your home.

· Make Plans to Plan

It may sound funny, but this is a necessary part of your wedding planning. Before you get started on your full planning, you need to plan some things. Here are some of them. They’ll help you kick off your wedding planning in Essex on the right foot:

· Your Guests Numbers

Your Budget- You cannot have an exceptional wedding in London without a budget. Set boundaries with your spending before you get carried away. Start by determining how much you have to spend and then assign that to the various details of your wedding. Your wedding budget is the foundation of your wedding planning.

· Your Wedding Date

You might not need to decide on a specific date yet, but having details like the year and season will go a long way. It’ll make it easier for you to put a timeframe to your planning and work with vendors who are available around that time.

· Your Planning Timeline

As you can see, all the ideas here are things you can comfortably do from your home amid this pandemic. So, the answer is yes, you can start planning your wedding as a newly engaged couple in London during this pandemic. Start by applying the tips above and you’ll be ready. Best of luck!!!

Here at Special Moments Celebrant, I pride myself on my ability to work with couples and wedding planners towards the success of their event. Your wedding in Essex or London and beyond can be just how you imagined it. Do you need an understanding and modern celebrant who is passionate about your event to handle your ceremony? Then contact me today!

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