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Here at Special Moments Celebrant I enjoy making wedding celebrations all about the couple. One of the ways that I do that is by learning all the details that I can about their wedding day and incorporating them in their ceremony. Are you styling your bouquet to resemble that of your grandmother or is the groom putting on cufflinks from his favourite TV show (Example Game of Thrones)?

All these small details can often get overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the wedding day but they are the things that make your day uniquely yours and so are important to me. It’s one of the reasons why I started Special Moments Celebrant. With me as your wedding celebrant, you’ll be able to achieve the following at your wedding:

· Make Your Day Uniquely Yours

After the many days spent planning your celebration, you deserve to have a wedding celebration that you can say is uniquely yours. You’ve planned a theme that everyone should notice and your colour scheme has a special meaning to you. You could have chosen an Easter themed wedding or added a few sentimental touches like attaching your favourite aunts wedding ring to your bouquet. These details are important.

You could also have a wedding cake that incorporates both your favourite flavours and more. It would not do to have these things go unnoticed on that day. With me as your celebrant we can showcase each and every of these details. By seamlessly combining them with your wedding story, you and your guests will have a richer experience. It’s the perfect way to tie all your wedding planning details together and make sure that they do not go to waste.

· Your Guests Won’t Miss A Thing

There are many details on your wedding day that is very important to you that your guests might not notice. You might have chosen that particular date for your wedding because it’s when you had your first date. But will your guests know that? Or maybe you had your first date at the cinema seeing an adaptation of pride and prejudice and that’s why it’s the theme of your wedding. Your guests will notice the theme but they may not know that’s why you’ve chosen it. I’ll include that in your wedding story. With me, you can add any information that you want your guests to know about your wedding in your story. I’ll find creative ways to slot in their significance with little explanations.

· I’ll Do Your Introductions

Do you want everyone to know some of the people important to you on your wedding day? No problem at all. I’ll add introductions to part of your wedding. I’ll even add a funny story about your relationship with them to let everyone know how important they are to you. This will save you the dilemma of having to the introductions yourself and give your photographer a cue to make sure that they feature in your wedding pictures.

· You Can Remember Your Loved Ones

Do you have a special one who you’d have loved to be a part of your wedding but they’ve passed? There are many beautiful ways that you can remember them at your wedding ceremony. You can have a remembrance table where you include quotes from them and photographs. You may also choose to light candles next to their photograph on the remembrance table.

Another lovely way to do so is to remember them during your speeches and toasts. I could also call attention to them during your ceremony. I’d be more than happy to. However, you choose to remember them, there is always a way to make them a part of your special day.

· I Could Help You Break the Ice at Your Wedding

This is an advantage that you only get if you choose to go for a celebrant like me. I’m laid back and don’t believe that wedding ceremonies have to follow a rule book. If your wedding ceremony needs someone to break the ice, you can bet that I’ll pull something out of my bag of tricks to get everyone excited. Your wedding will be a much more memorable and fun experience if you let me be a part of it.

So, who am I? Clive Burgess at your service. I am the Accredited Celebrant at Special Moments Celebrant and I’d love to be a part of your wedding. Contact me today and we can get started immediately.

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