Wedding Celebrants Post Covid19

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a real party pooper when it comes to weddings. If we ever had to call out an ultimate wedding crasher, it would be pandemics. And this isn't the first time either. During the days of The Great Plague, it was pretty much the same too. One thing is sure, however, until a solution or vaccine is found, the world of weddings as we know it has changed.

According to Stats around 250000 weddings happen in the UK yearly, so this has been an enormous loss. Lockdown has been on for a while, and about 64% of weddings had to be cancelled or postponed worldwide. The past three months have been interesting, but we seem to be gradually trying to ease back into some by the side existence. The government has decided that from July 4, which is just a few days away, weddings of less than 30 people have been permitted. Things won't be the same, but it's a start.

Marriage celebrants in the UK have been feeling the effect of this pandemic too. During the total lockdown was the worst, but that seems to be on the way out. In the meantime, celebrants have been finding new creative ways to handle this pandemic, and its restrictions. Some celebrants were even able to perform ceremonies of less than five people at some point. With the wedding industry changing, lots of priorities have also changed where weddings are concerned. Will this affect wedding celebrants and how? Let's talk a bit about just that, in the following few paragraphs. So here are some words from me on wedding celebrants post Covid19.

· They'll Become More Popular

There's been a rise in celebrant led weddings recently for a reason. It's because of the flexibility that comes with using a celebrant for your wedding. With this pandemic, there'll be an increase in demand. Couples will be going for more non-traditional weddings with the content more personalised, and celebrants excel at such weddings. This will be going in line with the fact that more couples, forced to have a smaller wedding, will be switching their theme to represent a lot more intimacy and personalisation.

· They'll Be Handling Smaller Weddings

From the new directive, it's already apparent that smaller weddings will be the new order of the day. People will be prompted to keep the numbers at their wedding down for the safety of them and their families. This will mean celebrants will find themselves officiating lots of mini ceremonies and small weddings.

· They Might Also Handle Legal Digital Ceremonies in the future

There have been many pushes for the legalisation of Celebrant Lead Weddings, maybe

digital wedding ceremonies in light of the need for social distancing. Technology has always come with new opportunities and changes, and it seems we might see it play a part in the future of weddings in the UK. It could turn out to be a great idea that will help keep more people safe.

· Elopement Weddings Will Be on The Rise

One thing that we can all see this pandemic has done is changing the priority of couples. Emphasis is not being placed more on the relationship than their wedding. This will mean that elopements will become further accepted. Families at least will become more understanding of the couples need to hold a ceremony that features just the two of them. So, Celebrants should be ready also to handle a lot more elopement weddings.

· They'll Have to Handle Weddings That Are Being Live-Streamed

This will mean a change in setups. Celebrants will also have to up their knowledge on the technology required for this. The partial relaxes in restrictions with the possibility of things going back to lockdown again will mean that not everybody billed for weddings might be able to be there physically. Livestreaming is a great way for guests to still attend and be a part of the ceremony. So, if you're a celebrant, make sure you clean up your video live stream skills.

If you need an accredited celebrant who is tech-savvy, fun-loving and inclusive to handle your wedding, you should contact me. Weddings are amazing celebrations that I love to be a part of, and I'm happy we're getting them back. You can give me a call on 07838921491 or send me an email at Contact me and let’s get started.

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